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Michigan Oxford Metal Shingle Roofing Company

At American Metal Roofs of Michigan, our Oxford metal shingles emulate the classic look of architectural shingles. They infuse your exterior with the aesthetic of 1900s architecture, but they are designed to last a lifetime. Unlike conventional asphalt shingle roofs, which typically only last for 10 years on average, our Oxford metal shingles are built to withstand decades upon decades of normal wear and tear. In some instances, our roofing shingles last for 100 years or more. Now, that’s the kind of durability you can depend on.

Our Oxford shingle roofs are engineered from sturdy .024” thick aluminum and include interlocking 12” x 60” panels that install quickly, forming an unstoppable weather barrier. These roofing shingles also come in our Hi-R Kynar finish, which offers incredible energy efficiency, as well as resistance to fading and chalking.

We have several color choices—including green, brown, red, white, and gray Oxford roof shingles—to make your Michigan home pop. Choose the option that best complements your home’s style for maximum curb appeal. No matter what you decide, your metal roof will provide several valuable benefits.

Long-Lasting Durability

Your forever home can truly last forever when you invest in the right roofing material in Michigan. Our Oxford metal shingles give you a traditional look in a form that stands the test of time. Replace your roof now, and you won’t have to worry about it again.

Weather-Resilient Strength

Hail, rain, snow, ice, and wind are no match for our strong metal roofs. During the next storm, you can focus on keeping your family safe instead of the state of your roof.

Cost-Saving Efficiency

Our energy-efficiency finish helps you cut down on energy costs. During your roof’s lifespan, you’ll also save money on repairs and maintenance.

Get in touch now to get a classic Oxford roof in our durable metal shingles. Schedule an appointment with American Metal Roofs of Michigan today.

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