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American Metal Roofs Core Values

Since our founding we have guided our business by these core values…

  1. Through GOD, we receive the strength to continue moving forward, no matter what we’re up against.
  2. Our FAMILY values determine and support our decisions; we treat each client as a family member.
  3. Our BUSINESS values drive our growth, ethics, and high level of customer satisfaction. We have been in business since 2000, and have the financial and management stability to run our business for at least 20 more years.

Simply put GOD first, Family second, Business third!

At American Metal Roofs we are proud of our accomplishments. However, we understand you honestly don’t know if we’ve installed inferior products with unskilled labor.  From our inception, we chose the ethical route.  We pledged to sell and install only the best quality metal roofing products available - and to do it with company trained employees - not sub-contractors.  Doing business this way costs more.  However, using the best products installed by skilled employees has allowed us to offer warranties for metal roofs that are unprecedented in the industry.

We have installed millions of square feet of quality metal roofs for satisfied customers across Michigan. 

We’d like our next project to be yours.