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American Metal Roofs Awards

Since our founding in 2000, American Metal Roofs has had a goal of becoming a recognized force in the residential metal roofing business.  We’re proud to say we have garnered the recognition we sought as evidenced by the awards we have been honored with.

First, we have been recognized by home improvement quality control monitor and coach Guild Quality (GQ).  Since 2013 we’ve been annually awarded Guildmaster status by GQ.  The Guildmaster Award celebrates service excellence within the GQ network of home builders, remodelers, and home service professionals. The award is special recognition to GQ member companies who consistently demonstrate exceptional customer service.

In addition, our main supplier, Isaiah Industries out of Piqua, Ohio holds an annual dealer meeting.  The event includes an awards dinner in recognition of outstanding local dealers.  American Metal Roofs has been honored several times as a national sales leader and industry consultant for Isaiah’s growing network of local metal roofing companies.

Finally, American Metal Roofs founder and president Frank Farmer has been recognized by the Sales & Marketing Executive Symposium as a Legend in the home improvement business for years of dedicated service and excellence.

We are grateful for the recognition we have received for our dedication to being the best we can as metal roofers.  And we are ultimately grateful to our customers and to the men and women of the American Metal Roofs team.