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American Metal Roofs Difference

Exceeding Customer Expectations

What makes American Metal Roofs the best metal roofing company in Michigan? The answer? Our service to homeowners. We call it The AMR Way, and no other roofing company—metal or otherwise—compares. Many years of experience, strategy, and technique have been blended together to provide the most meaningful experience for homeowners making one of the biggest purchase decisions of their lives.

And you know what else makes American Metal Roofs better? Our team. Here are key people that you will meet along the journey to owning a new metal roof, pulling back the curtain on what happens from the time you first contact us to the moment your new metal roof is installed.

A Friendly First Impression

The first voice you hear on the phone is one of our specially-trained Communication Center representatives. They are there to answer your questions and ask some of their own–gathering the basic information about you and your home needed to inform the sales team. They will then explain the process and set your expectations for the in-home consultation from a Sales Representative. Ultimately, they want you to be as well-informed as possible as you begin your journey to a new American Metal Roof.

The Industry’s Best In-Home Consultation Program

Is an American Metal Roof right for you? That’s the question our sales representative will help you answer during the in-home consultation. It starts with collecting precise measurements of your roof, thorough attic inspections checking on moisture, ventilation and any signs of mold. Our sales reps then takes the time to deliberately walk-through with you and explain–in detail–everything you need to know about an American Metal Roof that will inform your decision. The consultation will conclude with an exact quote. But really, if you do choose an American Metal Roof, the process (and fun) is just getting started.

Dedicated Customer Concierge

Our Concierge Team is your go-to resource from the time of purchase throughout the entire installation process. Along with scheduling your installation, the Concierge Team is available to answer any questions you may have along the way (and you will have questions). They are there to make sure your experience is smooth and to be the person you can count on if something comes up–a level of service that far exceeds anything you will receive from other metal roofing companies.

Highest-Quality Installation Process

Are you ready to transform your home? The American Metal Roofs installation crew are all full-time employees who have gone through our exclusive installation training program. No subcontractors at American Metal Roofs. Our crew is a cut above what you may have experienced with other roofing companies, and we settle for nothing less when it comes to installing a roof on the home of our customers. You can expect daily progress reports with the crew leader, a clean worksite, matching team gear, and a group of professionals who love what they do.

Owning An American Metal Roof

When American Metal Roofs first started, we had one, simple idea: surpass customer expectations. It is what makes us the best metal roofing company in Michigan you will come across. From the moment you make that initial inquiry to the day you are showing off your beautiful new roof to the neighbors, our team is with you every step of the way.

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