How to Update Curb Appeal

A successful home design draws attention even before people step foot inside. Curb appeal is an essential part of creating a home you can be proud of. A good eye for exterior design, along with routine cleaning and maintenance, will help you create a home that stands out in your neighborhood. Our tips for how to increase your home’s street appeal will inspire you to create a truly outstanding exterior design that demands public recognition.

Maintain the Front of the Home

Sometimes, all a house needs to stand out is a yard that’s cleaner than those of its neighboring homes. Put just a little bit more care into your yard than your neighbors, and the grass really will be greener at your home. Rake and dispose of any lawn debris, and make sure the driveway is clear of weeds and cracks. A driveway resealing may also have a larger effect on curb appeal than you’d imagine.

In addition, ensuring the paint or siding on your home remains undamaged is a must. Audiences will judge a home based on its paint job, windows, and siding—you name it. If people can see anything that doesn’t look good, it will negatively affect the overall curb appeal of your home. Power-wash any dirty siding, and give the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint to keep impressions positive.

Keep Beautiful Landscaping

If your home’s aesthetic lacks the elegance you desire, consider drafting a plan for luxurious landscaping in your front yard. Consider shrubs, beautiful masonry for walkways, and perhaps even a water feature. Capturing the gaze of passersby is an easy feat with the help of a professional landscaper or landscaping company. Whether you aim for the weird or the elegant, intricate landscaping is an easy way how to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Install a New, Gorgeous, Metal Roof

Dirty, unkempt roofing is a surefire way to repel people from your home. If you want your house to steal the spotlight in your neighborhood, you must add a splash of creativity and take risks with your design. When you choose an unconventional roof color for your home, the colors in your design will truly pop. Nontraditional colors are always possible when you choose to install a long-lasting, efficient metal roof on your home. A bright red metal roof with white siding and red accents on the windows is a bold decision that will surely become a showstopper.

For a bolder, worldlier roof, choose to add a metal Spanish tile roof for international flair. Famous for its terracotta coloration and unique S-tile design, Spanish tile roofing adds a warm touch of color and culture to any home. Traditional terracotta may not hold up well in Michigan weather, but American Metal Roofs of Michigan’s beautiful red clay design holds up through the harshest weather while looking just like the real deal.

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