Asphalt roofs are a common feature of homes in many parts of the world, providing durable, reliable shelter. However, despite the advantages of an asphalt roof, it can still fail to serve its purpose of providing the necessary protection from the elements. In this article, the experienced roofers here at American Metal Roofs will go over the reasons why asphalt roofs may not last as long as expected, and what homeowners can do to ensure their home is protected from the outside elements. 

A Bad Roof Installation

One of the most common reasons for an asphalt roof to fail is improper installation. If the roof isn't installed correctly, then it's more likely to develop leaks and other issues that can lead to its deterioration. Homeowners should therefore make sure that their roof is installed by a professional who has experience with this type of roofing.

Lack Of Proper Maintenance

Another common reason for an asphalt roof to fail is a lack of maintenance. Like any other type of roof, an asphalt roof needs to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis in order to remain in good condition. Homeowners who neglect their roof are more likely to find that it develops problems over time, so it's important to be proactive about keeping it in good shape. Asphalt roofs can accumulate damage more easily than other roofing, such as metal roofing, so making sure that it is inspected and repaired on a consistent basis is very important.

Weather Conditions

Finally, weather conditions can also play a role in the failure of an asphalt roof. Extreme heat or cold can damage the roofing material, while heavy rains can cause leaks and other issues. Homeowners who live in areas with extreme weather conditions should be especially diligent about maintaining their roofs as they can cause extensive damage to them over time.

What Should You Do?

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most popular roofing options, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best depending on your needs. For a more durable roofing option that provides many years of dependable protection and performance, consider metal roofing. Metal roofs are resistant to a lot of damage that can impact asphalt shingle roofing, while still providing your home with improved energy efficiency and long-lasting satisfaction. So, if you want an upgrade over your current asphalt roofing, then make sure you get a new metal roof installed by trained professionals. 

Protect Your Roofing

By understanding the reasons why asphalt roofs may fail, homeowners can take steps to ensure that their own roof lasts for many years to come. So, make sure you get in touch with your local roofing company to ensure that your roof is well taken care of.