As with buying a new car or painting your home’s walls, picking the right color for your new metal roof panels can be the hardest decision in the entire process. You already know that you want a metal roof that will protect your home for the rest of your lifetime, but what color roof will be pleasant to look at for that long? Since there are so many different colors of metal roofing, we’re here to help you figure out how to pick the right metal roof color and make your decision easier.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

If you want to make your home’s roof the talk of your hometown, it won’t happen with subtle design choices. While all our metal roof panels are beautiful in their own way, we also offer vibrant colors that can make a home stand out in the crowd. For the bold homeowner, pick a color that matches any accents on your house, such as bright red exterior window shutters or a blue garage door. Whichever color you decide on, keep in mind that a metal roof is built to last. A bold roof color will need siding or accents that match throughout their entire lifespan.

Natural Tones for Natural Homes

Homes made of brick or stone may better suit a beautiful, neutral-toned metal roof. With red brick or logs, green metal roofs can nicely complement your home’s style and give it a rustic cabin theme. Natural colors, such as browns and grays, can give your home the beautiful, regal presence you desire. Choose one tone from your natural multicolored stone home’s exterior and pick a roofing style that will complement it.

Styles With Set Colors

Some metal roofing styles have colors that are special to their theme, such as imitation terracotta or cedar. Your home may be perfect for the cultural flair of a Spanish metal roof, with its charming “S” tiles and bright orange terracotta color, or the classic American appeal of a cedar shake roof. While these types of roof would normally require high maintenance, a metal imitation is just as appealing and will last longer with less hassle.

Look at Examples

Even with advice or second opinions, you may still struggle with knowing how to pick the right metal roof color. It may be hard to envision the perfect metal roof, but looking at examples can give you design ideas. Visit our Photo Gallery to see a wide variety of available colors and styles. You can also watch this video testimonial!

American Metal Roofs of Michigan provides you with the best styles and color selection for your forever home’s new metal roof. Contact us today for an analysis of your roof.