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One of the most important and misunderstood components of a residential roof is the ventilation system.  Proper ventilation is the key to lowering home energy costs, preventing attic mold, and increasing the comfort of living in your home.

Traditional asphalt roofers use can vents or passive ridge vents, which are ineffective. Their design allows air to move back into the attic, pushing the moisture, which is trying to escape, back into your insulation.

The better option for your Michigan home is a Hi-Flow Ridge Vent. American Metal Roofs sells and installs these vents, which move large volumes of excess heat and moisture out of your attic. This keeps your attic dry and reduces the chances of growing mold. According to the Department of Energy, for each 1% of moisture in the attic insulation, the customer loses 2.5% of their energy efficiency. Some homes are 10% high in moisture and are wasting 25% of their energy dollars.

Our Hi-Flow Ridge Vent can decrease moisture levels in an attic by 10% and increase the R-Value of your insulation by 25%.

Hi-Flow Ridge Vent Cross Section with Airflow

But, beware! Not all metal roof ridge vents in Michigan are created the same.  Improperly designed ridge vents can actually reverse the proper airflow in your attic, causing heat buildup and wetting your insulation, which can lead to attic mold and higher home energy bills.  Rest assured that AMR representatives are trained and utilize equipment to determine what venting will be most effective for your home.

This brief video demonstration shows the amazing performance of American Metal Roof of Michigan’s Hi-Flow Ridge Vent and compares it to other metal roof ridge vents currently available.


  • The following are some important facts about Hi-Flow Ridge Vents:
  • Designed by American Metal Roofs
  • Creates negative pressure to draw air from attic
  • Increased air flow decreases attic insulation moisture
  • Highest volume air movement of any ridge vent
  • Highest net free area of any comparable ridge vent


Based on the style of your home, we may suggest the following options:

  • Eave Edge Vents – for homes that don’t have soffit venting
  • Peak Vents – for California Contemporary homes
  • Wall Vents – for shed roofs coming off a wall

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