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Are you in love with Spanish-style roofs but want an option that will last for years? We have the best terracotta metal roofs in Michigan—they offer high style and other worthwhile benefits.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: A Spanish metal roof is unique and exudes a very specific style. It creates a charming impact and delivers standout curb appeal to any Michigan home.
  • Durability: Metal Spanish tile roofs are more durable than alternatives. Once you invest in one of our roofs, you likely won’t have to replace it again during your lifetime.
  • Low Maintenance: Metal roofs are much easier to take care of. They also don’t damage as often as asphalt and other materials, which means you can save on costly repairs.
  • Value: Between our roofs’ energy efficiency and long-lasting capabilities, you can improve your property value while taking advantage of energy savings.
  • Weather Resistance: A Spanish metal roof can last through snow, ice, hail, rain, and even intense heat and sunlight. The built-in strength helps these roofs handle the elements.

Our roofs are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and production processes. When you purchase a roof from us, you know you’ll receive a superior product that’s made to last. Our expert technicians know how to properly install our roofs, so you can rest easy that it’ll be done right.

A metal Spanish tile roof is a beautiful option for boosting the curb appeal with the look of old Spain. American Metal Roofs of Michigan provides beautiful terracotta metal roofs that are reminiscent of Old Spanish tile, featuring a metal panel with a deep configuration in the form of an “S.”

Don’t wait to take advantage of our roofs’ fantastic benefits. Get a charming roof that makes your home stand out in your neighborhood. Schedule an appointment for your estimate, or contact us with any additional questions.