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Heated metal roof shingles protect your Michigan home from damaging ice dams. They melt snow and ice BEFORE they build up. Heated roof shingles are designed to go over metal and asphalt shingles. They attach to the eave edge and tuck under the shingle at the top, so there are no roof penetrations. It is an energy-saving, automatic operation that is 99% efficient. And with its solid-state system, there are no moving parts – that means no maintenance for you!

Benefits of heated metal roof shingles include:

  • Designed to go over metal and asphalt shingles
  • Attaches to the eave edge and tucks under the second course of shingles above
  • No roof penetrations
  • Solid state—no moving parts
  • No maintenance system
  • Kynar color coat —30-year fade warranty
  • Energy-saving automatic operation
  • No mechanical room needed

Many Reasons Why Heated Shingles Are for You

  • Safety: Protects you, your friends and family from injuries sustained from falling icicles and snow.
  • Efficiency: Our metal roof heating system is 99% energy-efficient because it operates only when needed; therefore, less energy is required.
  • Low Operating Costs: 100 square feet of Heated Shingle will use only 2.4Kw when operated continuously for an hour.
  • Noise Free: Heated Shingle is quiet since it has no moving parts, motors or pumps.
  • Maintenance Free: Heated Shingle requires no routine maintenance, filters or inspections.
  • Easy to Repair: Should something go wrong, the Heated Shingle panels are easy to remove and replace. No need to remove the roof. No waiting for parts.
  • Value: Heated Shingle saves money by increasing the life of your roof. No more busted shingles and leaks from ice removal.
  • Automatic Activation: Heated Shingle uses fully automatic temperature sensors. These sensors are designed to turn the snowmelt system on whenever the ambient temperature drops near freezing.
  • Great Investment: A metal roof heating system is a great investment because it affords you a worry-free life. Say goodbye to leaks from ice. No more damaged ceilings. No mold to worry about. Heated Shingle increases your free time and allows you to travel without worry.