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Copper roofing shingles offer Michigan homeowners character, durability, and dependability that no other metal roof can match. Its elegant appearance will complement any style of building. Copper has been used for centuries throughout Europe on castles, cathedrals, historic churches, historic government buildings, and famous private residences.

When properly designed and installed, a copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Unlike many other metal roofing materials, copper requires no painting or finishing.

Through its natural weathering process, the shiny copper roof gives way to warm bronze tones in about a year. Through natural aging, the elegant green patina finish will emerge. The time to patina varies with climate, salt, rain, and the air’s chemical composition. Copper’s resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of modern roofing materials.

Copper Roofing Styles


A copper standing seam metal roof provides a clean, traditional look. Unlike many standing seam products which are scaled for commercial applications, our copper standing seam roofs are scaled for your application.


Copper shake roofs utilize a rugged texture and deep realistic wood graining to give your roof old-world charm and elegance. This roof design is the most tried and proven design of all metal roofing shingles.


With its unique design, our “Quick Copper” Oxford shingle represents the finest copper shingle available. Because of the five-foot length of each shingle, the installation costs are lower, providing increased value.


Copper has been widely used to accent bay windows on homes. The bay’s shape is often custom formed to fit the style of the home and the personal taste of the homeowner. Our craftsmen take special care and have years of training in order to create the perfect custom accent for your home.

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