Earn A $500 Discount

Earn A $500 Discount Toward Your American Metal Roof!

Charlotte Showroom

You can earn up to a $500 discount toward the purchase of your American Metal Roof!  Here’s how to get your discount:

  • Visit either of our two showrooms and you’ll earn $200.
    Click here  for directions to Visit a Showroom.
  • Visit any three homes where our roof has been installed, you’ll earn $100 for each home, totaling $300.
    Click here to view a downloadable list of homes you can visit.

To summarize, that’s:

  • Showroom Visit $200
  • Home Visit $300 ($100/home)
  • Total: $500 Towards the Purchase of your American Metal Roof

At American Metal Roofs we let our work do the talking!

To get started, simply download and print out the form on this page.  Simply follow the instructions to earn your $500 discount!