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Troy, MI Storm Damage Company

Residents of Troy are no strangers to storms that produce snow, hail, and high winds. There are a few storm restoration companies in Troy to choose from, but not all specialize in metal roofing or have the equipment to safely remove and prevent ice dams. At American Metal Roofs, we provide comprehensive storm restoration services for our metal roofing customers that are affected by:

  • Hail Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Ice Dams

Low-Hassle Hail Damage Service

Metal roofs can take a beating without incurring hail damage that poses any real threat to the integrity of the roof. However, hail can dent your metal roof so, when there is enough of it, you will want to have that taken care of to keep your roof looking its best. As your Troy roofing company, we will provide the fast and reliable storm damage repair that you need for your AMR-installed roof.

Troy, MI Wind Damage Repairs

We provide Troy storm restoration for wind-damaged roofs. A healthy metal roof can withstand winds up to 140 MPH, but an older roof might loosen, or sections of roofing panels might blow off completely. If your metal roof has been damaged by strong winds or fallen limbs, contact us for a quick, high-quality solution that restores the structural integrity and style of your roof in no time.

Ice Dams Prevention and Removal

Roof ice dams can be hazardous to anyone beneath, and the puddles of water that form behind ice dams can lead to leaks, mold, and other forms of water damage. At AMR, we provide an innovative solution for ice dam removal and prevention: our Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutter. This innovative system doesn’t distract from the appearance of your roof, but it does provide an effective, energy-efficient solution that keeps all types of roofs safe from snow and ice!

Contact Our Troy, MI Storm Restoration Contractors 

Dealing with storm damage properly is important for any home or business. Contact us at American Metal Roofs today to learn more about our storm damage restoration services or to schedule a roof inspection project quote. Give us a call to speak with one of our customer service experts, or use our online form anytime to connect with our highly rated standing seam metal roof installers.

While you’re here, you might want to learn about other services provided by our Troy roofing company. In addition to a large selection of metal roof choices, we offer a full suite of roof repair and roof replacement services for residential and commercial properties. If you want to learn more about metal roof framing and installation techniques, we also host a DIY metal roofing seminar!