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Muskegon, MI Storm Damage Company

Strong winds, heavy snow, and even hail impacts can all ruin a roof over time. But with American Metal Roofs on your side, metal roof damage can be fixed before it becomes a major issue. Our BBB-accredited and A+ rated experts are happy to help you with storm restorations and metal roofing repairs in Muskegon, MI.

AMR can even work with your insurer to provide approved storm repairs, or complete a roof inspection for insurance paperwork. Just let us know when you have any of the following issues. We'll get on it right away:

  • Hail Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Ice Dam Formation

Hail Damage Inspections and Restoration Services

Our existing customers can always turn to AMR for help with roof hail damage. As a regular part of our Muskegon storm restoration services, we will assess the damage to your metal roofing and create a detailed inspection report. If you are planning on filing a hail damage roof insurance claim, we'll work with you to gather the necessary evidence for the claim. 

AMR can repair many of the common types of hail damage, like:

  • Water Leaks
  • Dents & Impacts
  • Scratched and Damaged Finishes

Wind Damage Repair Specialists in Muskegon

Metal roofing is very wind resistant. Even as it ages, it will retain the same level of wind resistance it had when brand-new. This is impressive compared to other materials, like asphalt shingles, that can lose their wind resistance as they get older. However, wind damage can occur in extremely powerful windstorms or sustained high winds. 

If this happens to your home, our roofing company can provide the fix. We'll provide wind restoration services to loose or dented metal roofing and roof framing. We will also take care of replacing any missing shingles during your repairs.

Ice Dam Prevention, Removal, and Repair

As a Greater Michigan roofing company, we know the hazards that snow and ice represent for your home. That's why we offer ice dam services that cover prevention, removal, and repair. Our storm damage repair company can help you prevent ice and snow damage to the roof with additional services, like snow guard installation and heated roofing. We also provide ice dam removal in the winter. If you do have damage from heavy snows or ice dam build-up, our capable team can provide the necessary repairs to restore your roof.

Learn More About Our Storm Damage Repair Services in Muskegon

Look no further for storm restoration companies you can trust! Protect your investment and keep the weather at bay with help from American Metal Roofs. Our Muskegon metal shingle and standing seam metal roof installers also offer storm damage restoration services. If your home needs a full roof replacement, we also offer attractive and durable metal roof choices. Give us a call to request a free roof inspection if your home has signs of hail, wind, or snow and ice damage.