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Susan Warsen DIY Project

"I’m not totally sure but I believe you guys put the new roof on our cabin in 2016. We loved it so much that my husband did the garage a year later and just finished up the barn in 2023. We chose a metal roof because we love to cruise back roads and on one of our trips we saw a barn with such a cool roof we had to know more about it. We discovered it was metal, done by American Metal Roofs! We were so impressed by the quality, appearance and longevity that we knew that was what we wanted. After the cabin was done my husband decided to try doing the garage himself. He went to a very educational and easy to understand seminar done by Michael Griffen (he is the best!) The roof has held up 100% and we get compliments on it all the time. I think the most satisfying thing for Stu (my husband) was the feeling of accomplishment and the savings. We have had family, friends and neighbors comment to us on how attractive and sturdy it looks and how it brings the whole property together."

Mike Andrus DIY Project

"We are on a lake just a couple miles off Lake Michigan and we receive a lot of high winds & heavy rain due to Lake Michigan. Our American Metal roof has held up great. We chose the metal roof because they look great and the last forever. They cost more initially but if you add up the cost of the initial asphalt roof and the replacement you will need 15 years later the aluminum metal roof is more affordable. Plus now that I am older I would not want to be doing another DIY roof. I really like how our roof turned out. We have had complaints on the roof from neighbors and from people driving by. I think the area around the chimney looks impressive due to all the custom metal bending I did by hand. I enjoyed working with the aluminum and creating a metal roof that will last forever. I learned a lot of the techniques by attending one of your DIY seminars. It is nice of American Metal Roof to offer the seminars to help out their DIY customers. I also want to thank Mike Griffin (Salesman), he helped me a lot when he stopped by to do the initial estimate and helped me figure out what components I needed and how much. Mike was also helpful when I ran into a problem and helped figure out how to work out the installation problem."

Chuck Luke DIY Project

"When it was time to replace our original roof, from the beginning my wife & I knew we wanted metal. We didn't want to have to replace our roof ever again in our lifetime and in our research, we found they just don't make shingles like they used to. That made it a no-brainer. We got quotes from several different companies and the cost of labor was crazy high. That's when we decided to attend the DIY class at American Metal Roofs. The class was very informative, but they also reassured everyone that if we ever hit a snag in our project, they were available for tech support. After that class, I knew I could do the job myself. Let me just say that what they told us in that class was not just hype. There were a few times I had questions about how to tackle a particular spot. We have a Cape Cod home with dormers, an attached garage, covered porch and a 10/12 roof pitch. The chimmney area was a real tough area too! It was steep with a lot of valleys, but when I got stumped on how to properly tackle an area, American Metal Roofs had a tech/installer on the phone with me in no time. They were incredibly helpful! The roof turned out beautiful and everyone has told me it looks like a professional did the work. We went with the aluminum slate blue shingles for the main roof area and blue steel standing seam for the dormers and porch roof. I am particularly proud of how well the valleys between the main roof and the dormers turned out, as well as the one between the house and garage. It blows people's minds that I tackled this big job myself, but I love I get bragging rights. I hope you like the way it looks too!"

Regina Lindholm DIY Project

"We were looking to install solar panels on our garage roof and wanted to replace the current roof with a metal roof before installation due to its longevity. Back in 2022 after several presentations by various roofing companies we decided on American Metal Roofs. The decision was made not only because of the superior product, but also the ability to do the installation ourselves and reduce the cost of the new roof. We also decided to use the Golden Hammer option and paid for two days of assistance that was invaluable to us. The men were not only professional, but also helpful in showing the tips and tricks of the install. These had been covered in the install class, but their assistance reduced the learning curve. My husband is still proud of his work every time he looks at the roof and shows it off everytime we have visitors and they inquire about the solar. Most of the time people are surprised that it's a metal roof and very complementive. We couldn't be any happier with the roof then we already are."

Jeff Pierson DIY Project

"The AMR roof worked for us because: 1: My spouse agreed it was a simple, safe roof for me to do. She first attended the "How To" session with me, and was impressed with the support. 2: The old roof was shot. 3: The price was a huge savings over contractors. AMR credited us with our left-overs. 4. Result is fabulous. We have confidence it will last through our lifetime."

Fred Vandervennet DIY Project

"An area that I was very happy with is the skylight picture and how well the American Metal Roofing system is installed in that part of the roof and how well sealed it is from water. We chose to install a metal roof for the cedar shake appearance and the longevity of the roof expecting that I should not have to replace it for an extremely long time. The roof has held up great so far and we will be in touch in the near future for a material quote for our garage we are planning for next year and a home addition. Most satisfying part of the project was how well it turned out and relatively easy installation and everyone that sees it can't believe how good it looks and that I did the work."

Allen Ells DIY Project

"I'm so happy I did the work myself and ended up with a great roof and the pride that I installed it myself! I got a tremendous amount of instruction and support from American Metal Roofs during the process. We get many compliments on our roof from family and friends. We are so happy with our beautiful green roof. We have had absolutely no issues with the roof and feel secure that it's solid and will last!"

Rodney Clark DIY Project

"We chose to install a metal roof because it would not rust and I'd never have to repair/replace shingles. American Metal Roofs provided a hands-on-video, in-store training at their Charlotte facility and provided a phone number of an installer who would answer any questions I had during the installation. The roof and our work has held up beautifully the past four years even through the high-wind storms we have endured. The most satisfying part about doing the roof myself was learning how to install the roof and saving money. I have also been asked to help a friend replace their roof with aluminum in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A couple of American Metal Roof installers came by during installation and complimented me on how nice the roof looked. Many friends that visit, comment on how nice our roof looks."