Michigan is no stranger to heavy snow accumulation. Preparing your house for the brutal snowstorms that often batter the state is essential if you want the structure to retain its integrity throughout the years.

One way locals brace their homes for large snow accumulations is by installing snow guards, especially on metal roofs. You need snow guards for your metal roof because they have an impact on the safety of your home, your family, and your belongings.

Protection From Rooftop Avalanches

Packed, melting snow falling off rooftops and onto people or belongings happens more often than you may think. Whether the snow falls off homes or commercial buildings, the danger of it hurting someone or damaging property is always present.

Snow guards break up large chunks of snow as they slide off, ensuring no people or objects become buried underneath heaps of otherwise harmless snow. Because metal roofing allows snow to slide off with ease, installing snow guards will manage the portions of shedding snow around critical areas of the home or business, such as entryways, living areas, sidewalks, and driveways.

Prevent Ice Dams

With fewer large chunks of snow on the roof, the chances of ice dams building up in and around your gutters are significantly lower. The smaller snow accumulations will easily slide off the top of your metal roof, preventing them from melting and refreezing upon contact with the edges of your roof. Snow guards also keep channels open for snowmelt to run through, stopping the frigid water from sitting behind packed snow and ice and damaging the integrity of your roof.

Lessen the Burden of Heavy Snow on the Roof

When snow piles up on a home for too long, it can weigh down and place stress on any type of roof. This burden can damage the rooftop, especially if the snow is melting and refreezing on top of the building. While your metal roof is sturdier than an asphalt roof, it’s not impervious—installing snow guards, heated shingles, and snow bars will keep your home safe from leaks and damage caused by the weight of snow.

By installing a metal roof with American Metal Roofs of Michigan, you can tackle the issue of snow accumulation at the same time as your roof installation. Our metal roof snow bars, snow guards, and heated shingles keep your home safe from the full force of Mother Nature during wintery weather. We understand why you need snow guards for your metal roof and take your protection seriously during any season—contact us to schedule your new roof’s installation and discuss your options with the best in the state.