During the awkward period between winter and spring, persistent blocks of ice may refuse to melt off your roof. The beautiful spring sunshine may make the ice melt slightly, but once night arrives the freezing temperatures return and refreeze the ice dams, which may damage your shingles. Brute force isn’t enough to take care of the tenacious frozen water, but these five ways to safely remove ice dams from your roof are.

1. Heated Roofing

The easiest way to remove an ice dam on your roof is to prevent it from happening in the first place. By installing a heating system underneath your roof, you can stop dangerous snow buildup on your eaves and keep ice dams out of your gutters.

Another option for adding an element of heat to your roof are heated metal shingles that attach to the eave and protect the lowest level of any type of roof. Many systems are automatic, energy efficient, and low maintenance.

2. Cool Down the Attic

Ice dams form on your eaves when the snow on top of the roof melts due to the heat of your house. The runoff refreezes on the cold gutters and eaves which are further away from a heat source. While you may think the natural solution to ice dams would be to warm up the roof, you actually want to keep the snow frozen until a significant warmup.

Blow cool air to the uppermost part of your attic with a strong fan. The fan will keep the hot air from stagnating at the top of your home, and in turn prevent the snow on the roof from melting and forming dams.

3. Heated Ice Dam Cutters

If you don’t want to install a full heating system on your roof, consider installing heated ice dam cutters on it instead. Ice dam cutters heat up and melt a channel through an ice blockage, allowing snowmelt a harmless way to get off your roof. At American Metal Roofs of Michigan, we wire the heating element through the gutter system—eliminating the need for a separate gutter cable.

4. Heated Power Wash Treatment

Calling in the ice and snow removal experts will always be your best bet when searching for the best ways to safely remove ice dams from your roof. However, the method of ice removal that the service chooses to use makes a difference to your wallet.

With a pressure wash treatment, not only will you have to pay for the service, but you must also pay for the hot water—they often hook the pressure washer up to your hot water tank. The harsh, high-pressure stream can also damage the granules of your shingles and void your warranty.

5. Steam Treatment

The fifth and more efficient way that professionals can remove ice dams from your roof is through the power of steam. The expert snow and ice dam removal teams at American Metal Roofs of Michigan use a highly efficient steamer to heat cool water to 300°F. This hot steam gently melts snow and ice off the roof without damaging the integrity of your shingles, all while working faster than a pressure wash.

Remember, the safest way for you to remove an ice dam is to have the professionals handle it. One mistake can lead to an injury or severe roof damage.