Weather Damage

Sometimes, roof damage is out of anyone’s control. You can have a perfect roof installation and perform maintenance on the roof but still face the wrath of Mother Nature. After a severe storm, check on your roof to survey the damage. You may find damage from one of these stormy elements:


Anything battered by hundreds or thousands of tiny ice pellets falling at terminal velocity will see damage over enough time. Asphalt roofs may experience chipping on the shingles or a severe loss of granules. When you have a loose granule problem, you may notice a coating of dust in your gutters that matches your roof’s color. If the problem is bad enough, you may need extensive roof repairs or a replacement.

At American Metal Roofs, we impact-test our paneling to ensure your roof won’t experience dents or damage after a hailstorm. This not only keeps your roof pristine but also saves you money on home insurance.


High winds can creep underneath loose shingles and tear them right off the roof. After a windstorm, inspect your property for roof debris and check for displaced shingles.

Ice and Snow

When ice or snow sits on your roof for too long, the weight may be too much for the roof to bear. Once the ice melts and refreezes, it can creep underneath shingles or form ice dams. Snow left for too long can leak into your home after damaging the roof.

On a metal roof, you can install snow guards to prevent snow buildup from tumbling onto unexpecting guests or a heated rooftop to prevent snow buildup at all. If you have too much snow on your roof, consider hiring a professional snow and ice dam removal team to safely steam the snow away. Don’t power-wash the roof—you’ll cause granule damage and use a lot of hot water.

No Maintenance or Poor Installation

A roof that starts showing its age prematurely may be due to poor maintenance or improper installation. If you notice peeling shingles, shingle debris around the yard, or leaks inside the home, you may need a professional opinion. Get a different opinion from the roofers who installed the failing roof.

An American Metal Roof is resistant to most of the most common causes of roof damage. If you’re tired of repairing your old asphalt roof and ready for a new, high-quality metal roof, contact American Metal Roofs of Michigan today and schedule your installation.