Picking out a brand-new roof for your home is a huge investment that should last for decades to come. As you go through all the different choices for a new roof, it’s important to remember the duties of a high-quality roof—to protect you, your family, and your belongings. The most important considerations when choosing a new roof are the ones that involve the safety of your family and home.


First things first: you need to sort out your budget. It may be tempting to pick the cheapest roof, but it’s important to remember while a cheap roof may protect your home for a short while, you’ll have to pay for it when it needs maintenance and repairs more often. Even worse, a cheap roof may not last that long before you need it completely replaced.

Giving your roof a larger budget will ensure you spend money on a roof that’ll last you a long time. It’s the most important part of your home, so it’s money well spent.


There’s no better feeling than coming home every day to a house you can be proud of. When choosing a new roof, make sure it looks beautiful on your home. This may mean picking out a style or a color that complements the make of the house.

If you’re considering a metal roof, don’t limit yourself to believing they only have one specific appearance. Metal roofs can mimic a large variety of classic appearances, even Spanish tile or vintage shake roofs. They also come in unique selections of colors you can only find with metal roofing, such as bright red or blue.

Extra Add-Ons

Depending on the environment you live in, your roof may need extra accessories to protect your home from weather and outdoor hazards. In places like Michigan, snow and ice buildup can be a dangerous and damaging environmental hazard. Sheets of snow or ice can crash down on cars or people with very little provocation. Adding metal roof ice guards to your new metal roof can save you money later on from damages or health risks.

Safety and Quality

The company you purchase your new roof from should be a company you can trust. Always pay attention to a roofing company’s portfolio, guarantee, warrantee, and testimonies. Whichever company you entrust to install your new roof will use the best materials and provide you with the best service, all while giving you the best value.

At American Metal Roofs of Michigan, we specialize in providing all customers with the long lasting, high quality metal roofs with warranties for each kind. As you’re making the essential considerations when choosing a new roof, let us guide you through the motions and provide you with the best-fitting roof to adorn your forever home.