rest A new metal roof installation should be a hands-off experience for you and your family. Once you’ve decided on a roof, you’ll put the rest of the work into your contractor’s hands. There’s minimal preparation that you need to do before the big day arrives, but there are a few ways you can make sure nothing goes wrong during installation. Know how to prepare for your new roof installation so you can enjoy your brand-new metal roof with no hitches or hang-ups.

Research Your Contractor

The very first and most important element of preparing for a new roof is picking the right people to install it. Because a roof installation doesn’t require you to do anything as the homeowner, it may make you worry that the job won’t be done correctly. Stay confident in your contractor’s abilities by knowing exactly which questions to ask them. We have a handy checklist of qualifications that any contractor should meet and which American Metal Roofs follows meticulously.

Most importantly, you need to know what they look for before the installation and how to ensure the installation crew will clean up your yard after the installation. You should discuss roof repair or extra costs with your contractor before the job begins. A yard that’s left untidy after a roof installation creates a hazard for children or pets that use the area to play.

In-House Preparations

Before the installation date arrives, remove all wall decorations or fragile objects on shelves. Your walls will be shaking from the installers using hammers and roofing tools, which can cause objects to fall off shelves or paintings to loosen off nails. It’s safest to take down all wall décor in your entire home, not just the uppermost floor. Protect any outdoor plants or stationary decorations from roofing debris with tarps or coverings and take patio furniture inside to leave room for the roofers to work.

Know that the entire installation process will be loud and will last for several hours. This noise can disturb children, pets, and anyone with sensitive hearing or chronic migraines. You may want to keep any children and pets out of the home on the day of installation. This is so you can supervise the project. You may also want to warn neighbors of your upcoming roof work.

Prepare for the Roofers

Make sure that all outdoor outlets are easily accessible and functional. Move cars from the driveway to allow the roofers to park closer to the house. This is so the roof installers can access their tools with ease. If you have pets, be sure to let the roofers know of doors that need to stay shut during installation.

At American Metal Roofs of Michigan, we have the selection of metal roofing products you need for your home, along with the manufacturer-certified contractors that can get the job done correctly. Rest easy knowing you'll be updated through the entire roof installation. If you'd like to know how smooth a roof installation can go through AMR - check out this testimonial.