Summertime is famous for its hot days, booming thunderstorms, wind and hail. Unfortunately, this weather is taxing on your roof’s health, and you may need to get it inspected or replaced. Before autumn comes along, consider these reasons why summer is a good time to replace your roof.

Beneficial Weather

Despite the sometimes stormy summer setting, clear days are the perfect opportunity to replace your roof. Because of the nice weather, you’ll be able to replace your roof with a low risk of rescheduling. Your roof replacement crew will have fewer problems setting up a roof than they would in other seasons. In winter, snow and ice make for hazardous roof conditions and more difficult jobs. Spring brings rain far more often than summer and can leave behind ice if conditions don’t warm up. Falling leaves in late autumn also make for dangerous roof conditions, as they can get slippery. This logically leaves summer as the best candidate for roof replacement weather.

Summer heat can cause asphalt shingles to curl, while metal roofs remain unaffected no matter how high temperatures climb.

Fix Water Damage in Time for Winter

Consistent spring showers can cause significant water damage to your roof. Getting a full roof replacement in the summer provides you the opportunity to start anew with no roof damage. Without roof damage, your roof will make your home warmer in the fall and early winter months without turning on the heat. It also presents a good opportunity to fix up any structural issues that the old roof may have caused.

Metal roofs are especially hearty and resistant to the effects of weather, yet are also very low maintenance. These characteristics make metal roofs ideal for anyone interested in a long-lasting roof that requires little attention over a long period of time.

Stay Ahead of the Roofing Rush

As soon as you start to think summer is a good time to replace your roof, others will as well! One of the most popular times to replace a roof is late summer and early fall. By scheduling your roof replacement ahead of this busy season, you save yourself the headache of having to wait weeks for the project to begin. This rush is due to the nearly impossible nature of roof replacement in the winter, as well as lapses in availability during fall and winter holidays. Getting a new, weatherproof standing seam metal roof in Michigan before the cold months hit is the best decision you can make for your forever home. Check out this homeowner who was tired of replacing their asphalt shingles, and upgraded their home with an American Metal Roof!