Throughout the year, your roof goes through quite a lot. While you’re safe and warm inside your home, your roof bears the brunt of a lot of strong variables. There are spring thunderstorms with rain, hail, and crazy winds. There are winter snowstorms with tons of ice and heavy snow. There’s hot sun, heavy trees, and falling leaves—all of which can end up doing some major damage to your roof. You may discover this in a myriad of ways—fallen shingles, discoloration, or a sprung leak. Below, we’ll discuss what you should do if you discover a roof leak. Check it out to ensure you keep your home a haven!

Stop the Damage

When you find a leak, your first step is stopping the damage. If you let a leak run, then you make the issue worse and more expensive in the long run. Minimize the water damage as much as possible. If the leak is dripping into a room, cover all your furniture and carpet with plastic. You may not be able to stop the ceiling damage, but you can keep from having to buy new furniture.

Contain the Problem

Once you’ve stopped the damage, your next step is containment. Water will do more damage if it’s splashing all over the place, so get a bucket, a bin, or some other waterproof container to catch the water. If there are multiple leaks that you can’t contain, then you’re going to want to reach out to a 24-hour service.

Remove the Water

If you were able to get the leak under control, then the third step in this process is to remove the water. If the water got onto the carpet, furniture, woodwork, clothes, or anything else, then you’ll need to thoroughly dry it. The leak can leave water stains as well as lead to mold growth in your home. Again, if the water damage is too extensive for you to handle, call a professional water extraction company.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Agent

You’re probably stressed and frazzled, but you can’t forget to complete this step—it’s one of the most important things you should do if you discover a roof leak. If you suspect your home has sustained heavy damage or if you think your roof will need quite a bit of work, then call your insurance agent.

Call Professionals to Fix the Problem

Once you’ve finished all those steps, then you can reach out to roofing professionals to fix that leaky roof. It’s important that you keep the situation under enough control and minimize damage as much as possible to ensure your roof is fixed right the first time. In addition, you may even want to think about switching up your roofing material to something a bit more durable. Metal roofs are wonderful choices, as they can withstand more.

If that’s your choice, then turn to American Metal Roofs in Michigan. We are your premium choice for roofing repairs and renovations. From our country manor shake roofs to copper shingles, we have the variety you need to match your home’s needs. Schedule a consultation now, or call in the future if disaster strikes!