Is it time for your roof to get a touch-up? Chances are, you’ve been waiting a bit too long to get your roof back in order. Hopefully, you’re using the current climate to tackle some important home improvement projects, and your roof should definitely be one of them. Once you’ve taken the step to reach out to professional roofers for an inspection and work, there are a few questions you might have. Many people turn to us and ask why professional roofers do attic inspections. We’re going to delve into that information below. Check it out and make sure you’re in the know of what goes down on your roof.

To Check the Insulation

You should be glad that roofers head to the attic and check out the insulation. It could end up saving you loads of money if they find that your insulation isn’t up to par. Heat and cool air escape if your insulation is poor, and by fixing those gaps, you’ll save your home and your wallet tons of money. In addition, when a roofer checks the insulation, they’re also able to see if there is any water intrusion happening—these are things you can’t see from the exterior of the home.

To Look for Water Damage

As we stated, looking at the insulation will help roofers see whether or not there’s any water intrusion happening. But they also go into the attic to look for stained roof sheathing and framing, water stains on vent pipes, or anything else that may indicate water damage. Though some stains may be from a prior leak, they’ll look for any damp stains or recent intrusion. This shows active leaks that they may not have found from exterior inspections.

To Investigate the Framing

They’ll also head into the attic to investigate the framing of the roof. Think about it—when was the last time you went up into the attic? There are a lot of elements up there that warrant regular inspection. Professional roofers will examine the wood framing and gain important clues about the quality of the roof construction. This is an important reason why professional roofers do attic inspections. Proper construction practices that begin with the framing ensure a properly supported roof, but it also ensures safety for the family living below.

To Look at the Ventilation

Ventilation is another one of the big features that roofers look into. Ventilation is one of the most critical aspects of roof construction—if the attic space under the roof isn’t well-ventilated, it can lead to too much attic moisture, mold growth, and wood damage. A properly ventilated attic will have vents along the lower portion of the attic space, as well as the upper part, to both let air in and let the air out.

Professional roofers look for all these features to ensure safety for you and your family. Here at American Metal Roofs in Michigan, we inspect attics before tackling your roof design project. Whether you want to get a new terracotta metal roof or just to replace some shingles, we’ll make sure to take the project seriously. Reach out to us now!