Pests and critters can do some real damage to a home. They can crawl into burrows in the basement, dig holes into roofs, and make a home in your attic. From raccoons and bats to birds and rats, all sorts of creatures prefer the warmth of your home over the chill of the outdoors. These uninvited guests wreak havoc on your home, so it’s important to take necessary precautions. Below, we’ve provided some important tips on how to protect your roof from critters. This information is great before and after your metal roofing panels are installed. Learn more about how to keep those pests out of your home all year long!

Maintain and Reseal Metal Roofing Panels

Even if you reach out to a proper roof installation company, high winds can knock shingles out of place. There are a few different things you can do in this case—switch over to metal roofing shingles, which can withstand much higher winds and tougher elements, or you can reseal the shingles. When wind knocks shingles out of place, this leaves them vulnerable and easy to pry off by critters. You can seal loose shingles and the ones surrounding them, but you have to be diligent about it. Sealant can wear off over time, which is why you may be better off replacing the roof entirely.

Trim Back Tall Trees

Climbing pests are among the most destructive critters. They get into the top of your roof by climbing up trees and hopping onto your metal roofing panels. The damage they can do to your roof and insulation is quite expansive, so it’s a good idea to trim back any tall trees with long-reaching branches near your roof.

Update Insulation

Like we mentioned, critters can do significant damage to your home’s insulation. These pests can pick through loose shingles quickly and then eat away at insulation. If your insulation is poorly installed, then you’ll give these pests an even better chance to destroy your home. If your insulation hasn’t been updated in a while, then it’s a good idea to do it before spring hits. It’ll save your home from any further pest invasions.

Regularly Check the Roofing panels

Even after you’ve resealed shingles, trimmed back trees, and updated insulation, you’ll still need to regularly check on the roof. After big storms, check on the roof to see if any shingles were damaged or blown loose. Regularly check on gutters, vents, and the chimney—the places where animals can do some of the worst damage to the roof. The more consistent you are with checking the roof, the better chance you have of stopping pests. Regularly checking these spaces will help keep your utility bills low with an American Metal Roof. Check out this video for more information!

If you need help repairing shingles or installing a new roof, turn to American Metal Roofs of Michigan. We’ve been installing metal roofs for 20 years, and our roofs are durable and energy efficient. We offer metal roofing for homes and business and agricultural metal roofing panels for barns. They’ll withstand high winds and pesky pests. Reach out for a free price quote for your home today and see all that we can do for you!