Not many people enjoy dealing with insurance paperwork. Whether it’s simply updating information or you need to file an insurance claim, figuring out what to add and where to add it can feel quite stressful. You always want to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to repair your home. To help make sure that happens, we list a few important tips for filing a roof replacement insurance claim. Don’t let the stress of filling keep you from getting the compensation you need—learn more below.

Figure Out What Your Policy Covers

This is something you should know before disaster strikes, but it tends to be something people need a refresher on anyway. Once something happens to your roof, you need to take the time to figure out what your policy covers. Consider the particular guidelines of your homeowner insurance policy—you need to understand that just because your family member’s insurance says one thing doesn’t mean yours will say the same. Terms and conditions vary from one provider to another. There may be policies that say they cannot cover repairs on a roof older than 10 years. You need to know these things before you file.

Document the Damage

Once something impacts your roof, you need to document the damage right away. Write down a well-written explanation of all the damage and what needs to be done to fix it. Some companies will need to know the exact cause of the damage and proof that it happened. That’s where photos come into play.

Take Before and After Photos

Include photos of what your roof and home looked like before the storm. Then take multiple pictures from various angles to showcase the damage the storm did to your roof. Ensure the pictures have time and date labels and are of good quality—the visual proof will often outweigh your written description.

Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

If you’re not entirely sure how to get your roof back in shape, then you’ll want to have a professional inspect it. A roofing expert will inspect the damage and estimate the monetary value of the damage—you’ll also want to make sure that they take a look at areas apart from the roof, such as the siding and windows.

Submit as Soon as Possible

Once you document the damage, take pictures, and talk to an expert, you’ll want to submit your claim as soon as possible. Many agencies have a limited window of time for you to claim any damages after events, so you don’t want to wait. The process can be quite long and tedious, so the sooner you submit, the sooner you can get that money.

Choose an Experienced Roofing Expert

Our final tip for filing a roof replacement insurance claim delves into what you should do after you submit your claim. Since you just went through the entire process, you need to ensure that your new roof is of high-quality and installed by a company you trust. You’ll also want to pick a strong roofing material that can withstand future storms and scenarios. The sooner you look for an experienced company the better.

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