Residential roofing in the winter was once thought of as taboo.  That’s because asphalt shingles don’t install properly in cold weather.  They need warmer weather and sunlight to adhere to each other properly.  That’s why you don’t see asphalt roofing crews out in the winter. Metal roofing on the other hand can be installed year round.  As a matter of fact, there are important advantages to a winter installation of a metal roof.

First, it may be surprising, but crews prefer installing in winter.  Summertime temperatures on residential roofs can be surprisingly extreme and there’s not much an installation crew can do to stay comfortable working in unforgiving heat. However, when installing in cold weather it’s actually easier for our crews to control their comfort while working.  And a comfortable crew is happier and more efficient crew.

The second advantage is snow over rain.  In a tear-off situation, the bare decking of your roof is exposed to the elements. Would you rather go through a snow storm or a torrential thunderstorm with your roof unprotected? Snow piles up and can be easily blown or shoveled away - while a soaking storm can do additional damage to an already leaky roof. Snow wins.

The final advantage is product demand.  Demand for American Metal Roofs dips in the winter; but lower demand means quicker installation and better pricing.  And we need to keep our crews busy - after all they are employees not sub-contractors - so you’ll get better pricing with less wait-time for a winter installation.

Would your roof be a good candidate for a future American Metal Roofs TV commercial about winter installations? If you’re interested, please let us know right away. We’re not offering a free roof, but you will receive special pricing in exchange for allowing us to feature video and images of your winter installation in our online and TV advertising.  For many home owners winter is the best time to install an American Metal Roof – find out if a winter installation will work for you – call 844-Metal Roofs or fill out this simple form.