What makes American Metal Roofs the best metal roofing company in Michigan? A lot of things, but they all circle back to our original, simple idea: surpassing all customer expectations.

Watch below as Frank Farmer, President of American Metal Roofs, shares the importance of surpassing customer expectations and how it applies to every step in the AMR Way.

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"So, you've had a chance to meet the amazing American Metal Roofs team and get a sense of what it's like working with us.

Hi, I'm Frank Farmer, Founder and President of American Metal Roofs. We've taken you from your initial call with us, right through to the installation and final inspection of the last roof your home will ever need. And we fully expect that you'll join the ranks of thousands of satisfied American Metal Roofs customers across Michigan.

When I first started American Metal Roofs, I focused one simple but important idea: I wanted this company to surpass all customer expectations. Not just meet expectations, but surpass them. After years in the home improvement business, I knew that customers didn't feel like they could trust anyone. So I found the best roofing products, and worked with Dan Lane to develop the highest-quality installation we could offer. We developed a customer service-based call center, and brought in a customer concierge. I trained our salespeople to help guide our customers through complex roofing process to help them answer one simple question: Is a metal roof even right for your home? And I decided that we would never use subcontracted installation crews. Only installers trained and employed by American Metal Roofs could do our installation process justice.

All in all, we provide a top-quality roofing experience from our customer service, through our products, right into our warranties. And our customers agree - we happily invite you to read some of their reviews. We look forward to working with you on your beautiful and guaranteed American Metal Roof."


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