Are you ready to transform your home? The American Metal Roofs installation crew consists of all full-time employees who have gone through our exclusive installation training program.

Watch below as our Installation Manager, Dan Lane, describes why our crew is a cut above what you may have experienced with other roofing companies, and what you can expect from our team on the site.

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"So Leah, our customer concierge, has scheduled your installation and taken care of all of your questions and concerns. Now, we're ready to transform your home.

Hi, I'm Dan Lane, and I'm the Installation Manager at American Metal Roofs. For our customers, installation is the most exciting part of owning one of our American Metal Roofs, and for good reason. Our installation team is a cut above what you may have experienced with other roofing companies.

At American Metal Roofs, we don't use sub-contracted installation crews. We employ a dedicated team of full-time installers with extensive training in metal roof installation. While other companies cut cost by outsourcing to untrained installers, we provide jobs and training, so we can guarantee our high-quality of standard installation and insure better team morale and performance. Our crews are always dressed appropriately in matching team gear. You meet with your crew leader every morning to give you a progress report - he'll answer any questions you might have. You can also expect a daily job-site cleanup as we expertly install your beautiful guaranteed American Metal Roof.

I invite you to read some of our customer reviews. Our crews are mentioned often, and I'm sure you'll find the installation of your American Metal Roof to be a fantastic experience."


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