"So, what does a metal roof cost?"  This is the most common question that we get.  It’s an important one.  And although the answer is different for each person, we are now using state-of-the-art technology to help provide families with fast quotes either in person or online. . . You heard correctly. Unlike most of our competitors, we can provide families with a FREE online quote!  This saves our customers time and helps educate them about all of the options available. Here is the reason why other roofing companies cannot provide this service. We use proprietary software that uses satellite images to calculate the size of your roof and estimate prices for multiple metal roofing products. This provides homeowners with several options that they can choose from, based on their budget and style preference.

The type of metal, size and other factors, metal roofing pricing varies greatly. In our FREE Online Metal Roofing Quotes, we give each homeowner a customized quote for each option for their homes.

Here’s how easy it is:

Simply complete the digital estimate form and a personalized estimate based on the size and shape of your home will be sent to you within 3-business days.

Here’s the link: FREE Online Quote

Once the quote is ready, a Customer Service Representative will schedules an exclusive in-home demo for interested parties.  The Demo includes a FREE attic inspection, and customers are provided with an exact final cost & timeline for installation. It’s that easy!

Since 2000, we have been selling and installing metal roofs for area homeowners, making us Michigan’s most experienced residential metal roofing company. We will continue to work hard to save our customers time and money while providing each one with exceptional customer service, roofing materials designed to last a lifetime, and professional installation.

American Metal Roofs are: Permanent, Beautiful & Guaranteed