In just over one week, two champions of the National Football League (NFL) will meet in the ultimate showdown in Houston, Texas.  Superbowl LI will feature MVP favorite Matt Ryan against Michigan’s own Wolverine, Tom Brady in an epic battle to become world champions. The victors will hoist the Lombardy trophy in front of millions of viewers throughout the United States and the world.

Fans will be in awe of the talent and determination of the players as they perform unhuman like feats of athleticism.  What fans may not realize is that champions are not created on one particular Sunday in February and those star quarterbacks are only a small piece of the championship puzzle. Championships takes years of hard work to win.  Owners invest heart, soul and money into success. A general manager brings in key players in a strategic draft deals years in advance. A coaching staff burns the midnight oil pouring over hours of video tape, drafting plays, and developing players on and off the field.  Trainers help keep each player healthy and performing at peak levels. Months and months of practice, drills, meetings, and study happen behind the scenes, with the simple goal of  executing perfection when the cameras roll.  Family, community and fans invest their hearts and  all contribute to building championship teams.

The God given talents of an athlete is only a prerequisite to having a shot at becoming a champion.  The quarterback must be protected by the unsung heroes; the lineman.  The offensive weapons of running backs and receivers must prevail as they fight for each yard of turf.  Defenders apply pressure in unfathomable ways, all with the purpose to disrupt opposing forces;  stop the  machine and get possession of the odd shaped ball.  And then there are the special teams who do special things.  Teams within teams, all designed to achieve a common goal. To be the best.

And so often, after the owner invests, the managers build and plan, the players condition and learn, it all comes down to a single play and a single man. The unlikely hero or tragic goat. With just one specialty that one other man on the team can match. The kicker.

One thing is for certain, The New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons will become champions on February 5th, 2017, but it will not be  a kicker or a quarterback wins the championship. This seeds of this championship were planted  a long long time ago and nurtured by countless people.

At American Metal Roofs, we won’t have a shot at lifting that silver trophy in the air next weekend, but we have been building a championship company for over 20 years.  And we have lifted many prestigious industry awards along the way that we are proud of.

Like many of the most successful NFL teams, we have invested in becoming the best roofing company in America. Through dedicated ownership, superior planning and management, selection of the finest products, hiring and training fantastic people, and priding ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service, we are indeed, the champions of the roofing industry.

Like the quarterback or kicker, our lead installer may get the kudos for providing a beautiful finish for our customers, but its been the years of experience, support of our families and community, and the drive we have to be industry leaders, that sets us apart.  While most roofing teams are still struggling to learn the game, American Metal Roofs'  customers are benefiting from our winning spirit.

Our team will use every skill we have to continue to deliver unprecedented quality and satisfaction to our customers. Our goal is to keep every customer as a  fan for life.

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