That’s a question we get everyday here at American Metal Roofs.  And while we’d love to be able to offer quick price estimates over the phone, there are just too many variables that affect pricing to do that. That leads some customers to think we’re just being evasive, but we promise we’re not!

By giving a quote over the phone, we’d basically be guessing. If we guess to low, customers may be become upset when they find out that the true price is higher, after we get to the job site.  If we guess too high, we may drive away good customers. Most customers are after more than a guess. They are looking for exact numbers so they can make an educated buying decision.

Pricing a roof is more complex that most people realize. But you no longer have to take our word for it.  Here’s an article written by industry expert, Shawn Zuver. He does a terrific job explaining everything that goes into pricing residential metal roofing.

Shawn's Article:   How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost? Pricing Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc And Galvanized


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