Heated Shingle

When you live in Michigan, you don’t need a Farmer’s Almanac to know that once we hit November, snow and ice will be in the forecast for several months.

Some of us have learned the hard way about the damage that snow and ice can do to our homes.  The massive amount of weight from snow and ice accumulation can create costly water damage to your roof and the interior of your home. Here's what happens.  The interior heat from a home will slowly melt the ice on your roof.  This trapped water creates an ice dam.  Water that is unable to drain properly, will find the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, water may leak under the roofing system or through flashing.  When this happens, serious damage to your home’s interior and siding is inevitable.

Solutions?  Some people are brave enough to get out the ladders and wage war against the elements, using shovels, ice picks and hazardous chemicals.  Many people have been injured engaging in this type of activity.  While this is dangerous to you, attempts at snow and ice removal often leads to even more damage done to the roof.

American Metal Roofs has a better solution:  Heated Shingle™

The beauty of Heated Shingle™ is that it melts snow and ice before ice dams are created. Designed to be installed easily over existing metal or asphalt roofs, Heated Shingle™ is ideal for protecting any Michigan home from harsh winter weather.

Heated Shingle™ attaches to the eave edge and tucks under the shingle top, so there are no roof penetrations, and because its a solid-state system, there are no moving parts, and therefore maintenance free.  Contact AMR today to learn more about Heated Shingle™ or to schedule a appointment:  866-763-9117 View  Heated Shingle™  Video     American Metal Roofs (AMR) of Michigan Logo