Many people don’t realize the vast array of choices available to them when choosing a metal roof.  Over the last decade, the metal roofing industry has evolved, expanding the style and color selections to meet the growing demand for permanent, beautiful roofing. Metal roofing technology delivers the strongest, longest lasting and more beautiful roofs available. Saving you money while beautifying your home with a style that you love is a wonderful thing.


American Metal Roofs has been a leader in the United States for many years, helping to deliver products that perfectly match the styles that home owners are seeking.

I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the wonderful choices now available for homeowners in Michigan.

Some of the most popular choices are Shingle and Shake styles: Rustic Shingle Red Oxford Shingle: Emulating the classic look of architectural shingles, Oxford Shingle provides your home with aesthetics of 1900s architecture. Rustic Shingle: Offering the traditional look and feel of wood grain, Rustic Shingle allows your family to enjoy the beauty of wood shingles without the downsides of wood. Country Manor: Country Manor Shake provides your home the charming beauty of real wood shakes without the deterioration and maintenance costs associated with wood. TimberCreek Shake: Combining the aesthetic beauty of a cedar shake with state-of-the-art roofing technology, TimberCreek Shake withstands the harshest climates while looking great. We are also meeting consumer demand for Standing Seam products: Standing Seam Gray Centurion Standing Seam Scaled for residential use, Centurion Standing Seam provides a more attractive and beautiful roof for your home. Clipless Standing Seam Clipless Standing Seam is the most economical standing seam available. Double Locked Hemmed Because of its double mechanical seaming, Standing Seam can be installed on your shallow or nearly-flat roof. We offer unique and specialty products: oxford-shingle-color-Solid-Copper-500x500 Agricultural Panels: A perfect option for unheated buildings such as barns or carports. Economical and strong. Pinnacle Copper: The elegance of copper will complement any style of building. Used for accents or for an entire roof, copper adds long lasting beauty. Terra Tile: Terra Tile lightweight metal panels provides your home with an Old Spanish look without the maintenance and associated repairs of clay. Armour Flat Roofing Solutions: This modern flat roofing solution reflects heat like no other roofing option, reducing energy consumption by up to 90%. For homeowners living in areas where snow and ice build up, we have products to conquer the elements: SnowCountry Snow Country Roof: Designed for heavy snow loads, a Snow Country Roof helps prevent damage or injury from sliding snow, using interlocking Valleys and Gables. Heated Shingle: Heated Shingle melts snow and ice before they build up on your roof. Ice Dam Cutter: Heated Shingle Ice Dam Cutter melts vertical channels through the snow and ice build up along the eave edge of your roof. To learn more about any of these products, please visit AMR PRODUCTS. American Metal Roofs (AMR) of Michigan Logo