One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at American Metal Roofs is,

“What Is The True Cost Of Installing A New Roof On My Home?”


The question seems rather simple at first glance, but several factors should be considered when making a decision to install a new roof and whether or not to upgrade to a permanent metal roofing solution.

American Metal Roofs' consultants are trained to help home owners make the best decisions by first taking the time to understanding their needs and long term objectives.  Once we learn more about you, we can educate you about roofing options and provide expert advice.  During our “True Cost Roofing Consultation”, we will take a look at each of the important variables that should govern your buying decision.

Life Phase Analysis

How long do you plan to live in your current home?  By estimating the time-frame for remaining in your home, we can help you choose between a short-term fix and long-term investment.

Energy Costs

Depending on where you live, energy expenses can be a huge consideration when determining what roofing materials should be installed. Each roofing material option offers different benefits when it comes to how much you spend on heating and cooling your home. The advantages of energy efficient roofing materials such as metal can helps save money from the first day it's installed.  Based on your your geography, we can forecast energy saving over time.

The Rising Cost of Material & Labor

Timing is an important consideration. Each year, roofing costs increase across the board. The price of materials and cost of skilled labor are expected to continue to escalate, as is the expected increase in energy rates. Should you install now or risk installation later when costs may be higher? We can show you how inflation may effect your buying decision.

Permanent or Temporary Roofing Materials

You have a choice between a permanent, low-maintenance roof in metal, or a temporary, frequently maintained roof like asphalt shingle. There are pros and cons to both. We will break down those costs for you and explain your options.

Our goal at American Metal Roofs is to help you make the correct decision. Sure, we love metal for it’s durability, longevity, beauty and energy savings qualities, but we understand that every homeowner has different needs.  We will always steer you in the right direction.

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