American Metal Roofs sells and installs Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

We’ve chosen Classic due to their beauty, environmental-friendliness and the overall quality that is unmatched in the industry.  The quality of a Classic Roofs stems from a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that uses cutting edge technology and the maintains the highest levels of quality control.

Here’s a behind the scenes look into how a Classic Metal Roof is manufactured. Starting Green Classic Metal Roofing is the green choice for roofing.  The aluminum used to manufacture metal roofs are 95% recycled in content.  Aluminum, primarily used beverage containers are collected and taken to an aluminum mill where they are cleaned, melted, formed into huge slabs of metal, and then rolled into coils.  Each coil is tested by engineers for quality control. Reflective Coated The coils travel to a coil coater where Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 coating system is applied.  The bare metal is cleaned and treated to accept paint before the multi-coat system is applied and baked on. The color and quality of the coating are tested at the end of each paint run. Quality Assurance The coated aluminum arrives a manufacturing facility, where it’s retested for quality, color, and strength. A Quality Assurance Engineer approves a coil if it meets the highest standards in the industry. These standards have been determined by ASTM procedures, the Metal Construction Association (MCA), the National Coil Coating Association, and the engineering team at Classic. metal-roof-300x201 The Process The approved coil of aluminum is sent through one of our large-bed, high-tonnage stamping presses. Each press contains a series of dies which gives the metal its defining shape and character. As the shingle progresses through each die, the look of the shingle is created with increasing degrees of complexity. Operators control the 350 to 1500 ton presses with expertise to ensure the authentic look and feel of the roofing system.

Each shingle is inspected for the quality of the locking system, color, appearance, and integrity. Once they pass inspection, the shingles are carefully packaged to ensure safe transit so they can be installed for a lifetime of beauty and protection!