Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in a neighborhood far away, there stood a brand new house who stood tall and proud.  Sturdy walls and a new roof protected the family that lived there.

Over the course of many years the house shaded them from the harsh rays of the sun, brutal winds and heavy rains.  The roof even handled snow and ice that best it could.  But then came a fall day, similar to a day like today, when the family noticed the roof shingles were curling and loose; granules of debris from deterioration now created a riverbed in the gutters.  The house was still tall, but was no longer proud.

The hard working family, broke into their piggy bank and bought a new asphalt roof.  At first, it looked beautiful and the family was pleased.  What they didn’t know, was that times had changed over the years in the roofing world. The family had no idea that this new roof would last half as long as the first one, mostly due to the reduction of petroleum products used in the manufacturing of the shingles.

In only a few years, signs of wear were evident again.  The proud house and family were sad. And sadder yet when the family was informed that the warranty on their investment was worthless.

Other homes throughout the neighborhood and in communities close by and far away were all suffering from the premature weakening of asphalt roofing. Some families even began angry and demanded help from the roofers that installed these inferior products; but no help would come.

Then came the rumors and tales of a stronger, more beautiful roof; one made of metal.  A roof that would last forever. The American Metal Roof, it was called.  So the family learned more and found the stories to be true.  They broke back into their piggy bank and this time invested in a beautiful new metal roofing system.  The house stood tall and proud again.  The house was the most beautiful in the neighborhood; a shining jewel. Soon many others followed and bought permanent metal roofs for their homes too. The people were no longer sad.

This was the last roof that the house for ever need.  The roof lived on happily ever after, protecting generations of families for years to come.