There is a lot of misconception about metal roofing.  Some people still believe that metal roofing can be impractical, vulnerable to weather or aesthetically unpleasing for a residential application. The fact is that these consumers have yet to be educated about the state-of-the-art metal roofing solutions for their homes.

Here are a few myths about metal roofing materials that we can put to rest.

1: Myth: Metal doesn’t have the look. Metal roofing isn’t acceptable to homeowner associations or will look odd in our neighborhood. Fact: The variety of metal roofing styles and colors is broad and conforms to the look and feel of contemporary residential neighborhoods. In fact, the durability and beauty of metal will position your home as the jewel of the neighborhood. 2: Myth:  Metal Roofing is too heavy.  It’s just not practical. Fact:  In fact, metal roofing is lighter then any other roofing material including wood shakes.  Steel roofing can weigh anywhere from 20 to 130 pounds per square, whereas asphalt shingles weigh between 215 to 355 pounds per square, and clay tile, can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds per square. The lightness of metal may also allow installation directly over your old roof, saving you hundreds of dollars in tear-off expenses. 3: Myth: Metal rusts! Fact:  Steel does rust whereever it's cut, but quality metal roofs are made to last a lifetime by using aluminim.  Most metal roofing products are also pre-finished at the factory using oven-baked paint systems, which provide the metal with decades of protection while enhancing its beauty. 4: Myth: Metal Roofing is noisy when it rains. Fact: Metal roofs that are installed correctly and outfitted with adequate underlayments,  won’t make any more noise than an asphalt roof shingle roof. 5: Myth: Hail with leave marks. Fact: Heavier gauge metal is recommended for areas that are susceptible to intense hail, but metal is highly resistant to hail storms.  When tested for for impact resistance, metal roofing materials are rated at the highest levels. Facts are facts.  Metal Roofing solutions are beautiful, light, durable, and quiet.  When it comes to a roofing investment for your home, there  are no better materials available. American Metal Roofs (AMR) of Michigan Logo frank-farmer