Metal outshines all other roofing materials when it comes to longevity, beauty and home protection.  Here are a seven benefits of investing in a metal roofing solution, that you may not have thought about.

Longest Life Span: Metal is durable! Asphalt roofing begins to degrade immediately upon installation. You may not know that the quality of asphalt roofing materials have been declining over the years.  The net result is the average lifetimes of roofs using asphalt has also declined. Metal Roofing is designed to last decades, making it the last roof your buy for your home. Metal doesn’t burn: Simply stated, metal won’t catch fire and is the safest material for home protection. In some parts of the country where wild fires are more prevalent, this benefit has even a greater importance.  A Metal roof is the best roof to protecting your home and your family. Roof of Steel: Metal is strong. Like armor for your house, metal provides the greatest protection against the harshest elements, like hail. While no roof is guaranteed to withstand severe hail altogether, metal roofing meets the highest Class 4 testing requirements established by UL. Wind & Weather Tough: Metal roofing is designed to take punishing winds. Designed to be strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds and prevent other storm damage, metal is the clear winner. Metal roofings is a popular choice in areas where traditional shingles can be damaged or blown away. Snow, ice, rain, sun, and high winds are no match for metal roofing. Beautiful: There are now hundreds of styles and colors combinations of metal roofing, offering homeowners wonderful options. The aesthetic value of a metal roof along with it’s longevity provides excellent value when it comes to resale. Green: An estimated 10 million tons of asphalt shingles torn off of U.S. homes every year and deposited into landfills. Not only does metal last for decades, but metal at the end of it’s lifespan can be recycled. Energy Saver: Metal roofing is energy efficient, saving you money by reducing your energy consumption. Depending on your climate, a metal roofing solution can help save 20-40% in heating and cooling energy expenses.

Your investment in a metal roofing solution will pay dividends for years to come, offering unsurpassed protection, beauty, and longevity while providing you with the peace of mind that you’ve made the correct choice for your family and our planet.

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