I have recently released a five-minute video exposing the latest metal roof scam in the roofing industry. I have seen and been disheartened by waves of consumer deception throughout the years. The latest metal roof scam has prompted me to create a video to inform, educate and help the public understand what is a quality metal roof.

Starting in 1986, I began building American Metal Roofs from the ground up. Guided by the company’s core values of God first, family second and business third, I positioned AMR as a roofing expert that maintains the highest levels of integrity and customer service.

My video first touches on the weakening of the asphalt roof. Over the years, manufacturers have been using less expensive raw materials in their products.  As the product’s lifespan has dwindled to 8-10 years, the warranties (riddled with loopholes) are still touting lifespans from 40 years to a lifetime.

But the heart of my short exposé is a new deception within the metal roofing segment. This blatant deception has prompted me to warn the public about inferior metal roofing solutions that will leave homeowners with nothing more then tiny holes in their roofs and big holes in their wallets.

People want to believe that a metal roof can be bought inexpensively.  This is simply not true.

This must-see video shows how many unsuspecting customers are lured into price-saving solutions. The sad fact is that many trusting people are victims that are lured into using barn metal to protect their homes. Inferior metal, coating and thousands of tiny screw holes quickly contribute to the ultimate demise of their roof.  This turns out to be a poor investment compared to a quality metal roof designed for a lifetime of harsh weather and constant expansion and contraction.