Reroofing? Go Permanent and Save in the Long Run Learn how these homeowners went from drips and leaks to lasting durability testimonials-300x130 ASPHALT ROOF FAILURE is a common complaint among homeowners, says Bryan Doyle, sales representative and roofing expert from American Metal Roofs in Flint and Charlotte. “The industry has changed, and newer asphalt shingles are manufactured with less petroleum than before, making them much more susceptible to early failure,” Doyle says. “Now it’s not unusual for a roof that should last for a quarter century to require replacement in under a decade. That’s expensive.”

My brand-new home’s asphalt shingled roof was 12 years old when it started to fail,” says Michael Hoffman, a retired engineer from Howell. “The roof had a 25-year warranty, yet it was severely worn after only half that time.” Frustrated by the warranty’s convoluted prorated refund system, Hoffman knew he never would be satisfied until he installed a permanent roof on his home. Hoffman figured his home would need as many as two or three expensive roof replacements during his lifetime. “I just wanted permanence,” says Hoffman, who installed an American Metal Roof this summer. “Now I know my new roof will last as long as I am here.”

Julia O’Connor says she and her husband, Mike, previously experienced good luck with asphalt roofing on their farmhouse in Williamston. “But the shingles on our front porch leaked when the roof was less than 10 years old,” Julia O’Connor says. “We replaced part of the shingles while they were still under warranty, but it continued to leak. It really didn’t fix it because the rest of the roof was going out, too.” The O’Connors shopped for a permanent solution. They liked the fact that American Metal Roofs is a Michigan company that stands behind its product, Julia O’Connor says. “They were very good at explaining what types of roofs work well with certain types of homes,” she says. “They knew what they were talking about.” It’s been seven years since the roof was installed and the O’Connors say they are absolutely happy with their decision to switch to a metal roof.

“Newer asphalt roofing is failing faster than ever before. But now homeowners who choose a metal roof can rest easy that they will never need to buy another roof for their home. A metal roof provides great peace of mind.”  Bryan Doyle- American Metal Roofs



Don’t take our word for it, see what a dozen other homeowners are saying about switching to a permanent roofing solution.  Testimonials -Frank Farmer- American Metal Roofs


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