Now that the snow is gone, its time for a quick inspection of what the harsh winters may have done to our homes. Your roof is a great place to start. DSC03974-1024x576 Snow and ice can take a toll on a traditional asphalt shingled roof. Even the newest roofs are in jeopardy of failure due to the inferior products that major manufacturers have been marketing to unsuspecting homeowners. Poor installation can also cause problems.  As the quality of roofing materials have declined over the last decade, the instances of premature roof failure has steadily climbed (through the roof). My pun was intended, but to effected homeowners, this is no laughing manner.  In fact, thousands of warrantee claims are filed each month and class action litigation is prevalent in the industry. Regardless if your roof is young or old, you can be proactively protect your home by repairing damage or upgrading your roof with  a permanent metal roofing solution. By preventing moisture from getting in and stopping small leaks, you may be able to head off expensive roofing repairs in the future. Important note:  If you are unable to inspect your roof safely or unsure what to look for, please call a professional for an expert evaluation of your roof. Here are a few issues to look for in your annual inspection.     * Shingles that are buckling, curling, or blistering     * Missing or damaged shingles     * Cracked or missing caulk     * Signs of rust on flashing     * Loose nails     * Moss growth * Piles of grit from shingles in your gutters     * Discoloration If you notice any of these common roofing issues, you are advised to call an expert to assess the damage. A trained professional can educate  you and provide recommendations and options for repairs or placement. Every year, homes in Michigan and throughout the country, need a checkup from the neck-up.  Spring is an excellent time to inspect, repair or replace a roof; before the harsh summer sun takes its turn. American Metal Roofs offers roof inspections throughout the State of Michigan.  Learn more.


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