American Metal Roofs has begun taking orders for the installation of a revolutionary new snow-melting and de-icing system. Heated Shingle Snow Melting & De-icing System for Residential and Commercial Roofing.


Heated Shingle De-Icing system eliminates the stress, worry and expense associated with ice dams. AMR customers now have a solution that will prevent damage and hidden dangers of rooftop ice. Attached to an automatic controller, Heated Shingle de-icing systems melts snow and ice before it can accumulate. The state-of-the art ‘ribbons of heat’ radiant technology heats up Heated Shingle to keep eaves from freezing and forming icicles and ice dams.

Heated Shingle melting systems provide an efficient melting system for any type of shingle roof, including asphalt and metal. Unlike inefficient ugly heating cables, that are installed in a tracing patterns along an eave that do not clear the entire eave, Heated Shingle clears the entire edge of the roof of snow and ice. Heated Shingle is made of Kynar coated .019 aluminum and is attached along the eave edge projecting up the roof the width of your eave.

Heated Shingle, not only prevents damage, but is also a winner for the environment and the wallet. With the release of this new product on the market, consumers can expect a product that is:

Eco Friendly 99% efficient to reduce waste and maximize resources Plugs into renewable resources such as solar and wind Zero Carbon footprint Zero maintenance ETL Certified UL Listed components Installed over existing shingles Uses 35% less energy*

*compared to commercial grade self-regulating heating cables

American Metal Roofs professional installation of Heated Shingle is available year-round, throughout the state of Michigan. For more information or to receive a no obligation estimate, please contact us.

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