In our last blog post, we read a letter from Carl Ball (an asphalt roofing buyer), who told a story of an asphalt roofing purchase that failed more than two decades before the manufacturer’s warranty expired.


His claim to CertainTeed Roofing resulted in the following:

Response from CertainTeed Roofing

Dear Mr Ball,

We have completed the evaluation of your roofing claim.

Based upon our evaluation of the claim, a determination has been made to provide a reimbursement for the shingles according to the terms and conditions contained in the published Limited Asphalt Shingle Warranty which is based on a prorated value of the shingle costs per square, with credit for months remaining on the warranty.

Please keep in mind that there are many factors beyond the manufactures’s control which may account for the shingles not lasting the entire warranty period.  For example, Hail storms, high winds, misapplication, etc.  Despite these factors, CertainTeed is still extending a settlement based on the terms of the warranty. You may be entitled to additional consideration from your insurance carrier for some of the factors mentioned above.

CertainTeed understands that the reimbursement amount does not cover the total re-roofing costs, however, this limited warranty is based on material only and unfortunately does not include labor or tear-off costs etc.

The following information is used to determine the settlement amount:

Type of Shingle: C.Sealdon 30 Black@Sh Number of Months Used: 79 Number of Squares (1 square=100 sq.ft.)

Enclosed is a self-explanatory “Release” form requiring a signature along with a self-address envelope for your convenience.  Once we have received the signed “Release” form, the settlement check will be issued and mailed.  Please allow approximately 8 weeks from receipt of the signed “Release” form for the settlement check to be issued.  The total settlement found on your release also includes a $50.00 reimbursement for shingle sample removal.

Although replacing a roof and what roofing contractor you choose is a personal choice, CertainTeed does offer a service that will help identify Credentialed Roofing Contractors in your area.  This service can be found by logging onto and clicking on our “Locate a Contractor” feature or by calling 1-800-782-8777. Sincerely,

Technical Service Department Roofing Products Group

If you should have any further questions regarding this information, please contact the Technical Service Department at the address or phone number on this letterhead.

This settlement offer will expire 18 months from this date:  July 9, 2008. — Case Study Summary: Carl Ball

Year Roofed: 2001 Cost: $5500 # of Squares: 22 Brand: CertainTeed- Sealdon30 Expected Life: 30 years Actual Life: 6.58 years $ Collected on Warranty: $650

disappointment-expectation-reality Paid: $5,500  Collected $650


At American Metal Roofs, we encourage everyone to read the guarantees and warranties carefully and ask questions before making a buying decision. Homeowners can protect themselves further by avoiding asphalt roofing products all together and investing in a permanent metal roofing solution.


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