Beauty surrounds us in Michigan.  That is why we not only live here but vacation here as well.  And nothing protects residences and vacation homes as beautifully as an American Metal Roof.

Country Manor Shake Metal Roof - Mustang Brown

The colors and dimensional aspects of today’s metal roofs will take your breath away! Mirroring wood shake, slate or tile, metal shingles add class and distinction to any home.

However, their appeal runs far deeper. All American Metal Roofs are designed and installed to handle harsh Michigan winters of high winds and heavy snows.  AMR’s system of underlayments, fasteners and reflective aluminum shingles combine to provide years of quiet comfort and peace of mind while saving on energy costs.  A lifetime guarantee means this is the roof for people who never want to worry about their roof again!

Perhaps even more appealing, a properly installed American Metal Roof will significantly increase a home's value. According to Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value report for Michigan (September 2008) the average cost of a metal roof is $39,144.  But the cost recouped immediately upon the sale of a home with that metal roof is $20,594.  Once installed, an American Metal Roof instantly covers 52.6% of its cost!  Now that is quite a roofing value.

Finally, no matter what color American Metal Roof you choose, you are always buying a green roof!  Made of 98% Recycled aluminum, they are almost 100% renewable.  Plus, no more of your asphalt shingles will end up in Michigan's landfills.  And that is a beautiful thing!

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