There are many preconceived ideas floating around about metal roofs. Knowing the facts will help you decide if a metal roof is right for your building.

1. You want to hear the rain. If you want a metal roof to hear the sound of rain to help you sleep, you may be disappointed. In order for a metal roof to be loud you need to have sheets of metal over open rafters so the metal can reverberate and make sound. Today’s metal shingles are fastened to your existing wood roof deck. This method of attachment reduces the ability of the roof to make sound. If you have a sky light, you will find it will be much louder than your new metal roof. 2. You like ice on your roof. A metal roof does not stop ice from forming. Ice is a result of snow melting over a warm roof. The water runs to the cold eave edge and refreezes. The fix for ice dams is to eliminate the heat going to the roof. This is accomplished by increasing attic ventilation, getting rid of heat sources and increasing insulation to R-50. 3. You love shoveling your roof. While it is true metal roofs shed snow the temperature needs to warm up 5-8 degrees above freezing. Once the snow starts to melt, it slides off. In heavy snow areas avoid standing seam roofs if you have valleys. The ribs of the standing seam direct the snow to the valleys. They will become compacted and many times even cause damage to the roof. Look specifically for roofs designed for the snow country, These roofs will lock into the valley and help prevent any damage. 4. You enjoy a hot home in the summer. A metal roof will dramatically reduce the amount of heat entering the home. Not all metal roofs are created equal. An aluminum roof is the most energy efficient. Unlike steel, aluminum roofs have been tested scientifically to determine they reduce the amount of heat entering the attic of your home by 34%.  Energy saving coatings such as HI-R pigments are also available that will further reduce the heat gain of the home. The net effect is your home is much cooler in the summer but remains warm in the winter. 5. You are not interested in the resale value of your home. A quality metal roof adds to the resale value of your home. According to Remodeler magazine “Cost vs Value Report” a metal roof will add back over ½ the initial cost when it is time to sell. It stands to reason if two identical homes were for sale, and one of them had a metal roof, the home that would never need a new roof would sell for a lot more money. Homeowners are working hard to make there homes maintenance free and are not wanting to buy homes that will require maintenance.

Then again, if you are looking for an energy-saving roof that will last a lifetime, then a beautiful metal roof may be the perfect roofing solution for you.

As a leader in the metal roofing industry, American Metal Roofs (AMR) strongly recommends  considering a metal roofing solution as  long term investment in your home. AMR provides free estimates on a metal roof homes throughout Michigan and Wisconsin.