Homeowners often contact me to ask if a metal roof would work on their home. In my 30 years of experience, I’ve learned that metal roofs are a great addition to almost every home. It all depends upon the goals of the homeowner for their next roof and any unique considerations there may be with their roof. Let’s take a look at both of these factors.


Here’s the goals that typically prompt homeowners to choose a metal roof for their home: 1) They plan to live in their same home for at least one re-roofing cycle. A re-roofing cycle being between 10-12 years in most areas of the country. With the cost of residential re-roofing doubling about every ten years, these homeowners will begin seeing significant financial payback once they have gone through one re-roofing cycle. 2) They care about the beauty and value of their home. The roof is the least friendly environment on the exterior of any home and most roofing products quickly show their age. Installing a metal roof that will not wear and fade will maintain the beauty of any home and add significant value whenever the home is sold. 3) They are conscious of the environmental benefits and implications. The recyclability, energy efficiency, recycled content, and sustainability of metal roofing makes it the most the most environmentally friendly roofing solution available. For homeowners who wish to make the “greenest” decision, metal is the obvious choice. 4) They live in an area with extreme weather conditions. The interlocking panels, low weight, and other traits of metal roofing allow it to withstand the most extreme weather conditions around the world. For areas prone to hail, blazing sun, earthquakes, firestorms, snow, ice, high winds, or hurricanes, metal roofing can provide superior protection. Regardless of the roofing material you choose, here are some special considerations to keep in mind: 1) Knowing the pitch of any roof is important. There are a plethora of metal options for roofs of 3:12 or greater pitch. For lower pitch roofs, there are some quality options as well, but styles are limited. Always make sure your roof meets the pitch requirements for whatever system you choose. 2) Any existing leaks or other problems should be addressed and evaluated before installing a new roof of any type. You do not want to assume that the installation of a new roof will resolve any and all issues. 3) Proper attic ventilation is critical to preventing ice damming in the winter and increasing energy efficiency in the summer. While you are installing a new roof, it is the perfect time to consider increasing your ventilation. 4) Metal roofing is the perfect solution for complicated roofs with dormers, valleys, etc. These details increase the installation and labor cost for any roofing system. Permanent metal roofing allows you to do it once and do it right, saving those future labor dollars. 5) Any protrusion through your roof—skylights, chimneys, vent pipes, etc.—requires special care and consideration during installation. Metal roofing can be flashed around these protrusions and ensure the integrity of your roof. You want to be sure and choose a contractor who can expertly flash these details and protect your home. 6) Your home has what’s called “flared gables” when the ridge of your roof is wider than the bottom of your roof. This is unique and beautiful architecture, but it can present a problem for some metal roofs. Metal shingle products can typically handle these situations better than standing seam or other vertical panels.

There are certainly more goals and considerations that contribute to your roofing decision, but I hope these help you decide whether a metal roof is right for you and your home.

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