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When it comes to residential roofing, no product offers more performance, functional value, and style than a metal roof. Although many homeowners in the Greater Michigan area choose asphalt roofing for their home renovation, this is a mistake. Metal roofing is a much better investment that provides lasting value.

American Metal Roofs has been Traverse City's premier metal roofing company since 2000. We are respected by the community for our dedication to quality, as demonstrated by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. All of our complete metal roof replacements are Beautiful, Permanent, Guaranteed, and we're confident that you'll be impressed by the workmanship we provide to your home.

Gorgeous New Roof Replacements in Traverse City

If your roof has seen better days, you'll want to replace it before severe problems begin to occur. When you go to invest, why would you choose a product with an inferior lifespan and durability? Metal roofing is the premier option for roof replacements, and we are certain that you'll be blown away by the curb appeal and performance that it gives your home. 

Most metal roofs can last up to 70 years, and oftentimes can be installed right on top of existing roofing. When you hire our standing seam metal roof installers in Traverse City, you'll be able to take advantage of:

  • Warranties: We provide workmanship warranties on our roof replacements, giving you peace of mind that yours will last.
  • Roofing Style Options: We offer an extensive variety of metal roof choices. Whether you want a paneled look, or something traditional, we'll have a product for you to enjoy.
  • Metal Roof Education: If you're interested in installing your roof yourself, we're more than happy to equip you with the DIY knowledge that's necessary for it to come out functional.

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There is no better way to improve the functionality of your home and protect your roof framing than with a durable metal roof replacement from American Metal Roofs. Our time-tested products, top-tier customer support, and skilled installers are more than happy to equip your home with this reputable product. As one of the best metal roof replacement companies, we also provide metal roofing for churches in Traverse City, so reach out today to secure a quote for either.