The Hidden Danger: Attic Mold

The Hidden Danger: Attic Mold

Mold in attics can be visible or hidden and cause a variety of health issues . To safeguard your family from the hidden dangers of attic mold, it is critical to get a professional attic inspection periodically or anytime there has been a moisture breach in your siding or roofing.


Mold growth is a significant health issue that can cause a myriad of symptoms that can be minor or severe and in some cases even life threatening. Allergic reactions to mold spores are especially dangerous to infants, pregnant women, the elderly and people will preexisting conditions or weakened immune systems.

Symptoms including respiratory issues, eye irritation, sneezing, coughing or throat soreness, headaches, rash and sinus congestion are common in households that harbor mold spores.

Some common causes for mold growth include:

A leaking roof: Roof leaks from the recent storm damage may go under noticed for months without frequent attic visits and a professional inspection.

Ice damming: Ice Dams occur when water is unable to  drain properly from your roof.  Water freezes,and backs up into the house through the attic.

Inadequate attic ventilation: Warm moist air trapped in the attic can begin the cycle of mold growth.

Improperly installed insulation: If the the attic is not insulated properly with the correct materials and placement, moisture from the home rises and gets trapped in the attic feeding mold growth.

Vents leading to the attic: Dryer, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom fans vented into the attic can cause excessive moisture that leads to mold growth.

Furnaces or water heaters installed in the attic: These may contribute to adding moisture to attics if leaks go undetected.

American Metal Roofs takes mold seriously. This is why, during an initial consultations, AMR’s expert team will provide attic and roof inspections and inform homeowners of any problems that currently exist.


With the attic inspection, homeowners are given a full report of the attic’s moisture levels, mold potential, insulation levels, and more. The roof inspection will allow AMR to identify any problems with your current roofing system, as well as measure it accurately, so families can be provided with the best possible recommendations for mold remediation, roof repair or a new roofing estimate.

Please take a moment to watch Frank Farmer’s  short video, exposing the dangers of mold and what you should know to  protect your family and your home.

Inspections are the best method of prevent mold from starting by catching and correcting moisture issues before they become problematic.


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