When selecting a new roof, follow your heart.

When selecting a new roof, follow your heart.

In the battle between your heart and mind, asphalt roofs just can’t win, and here’s why.


Once you see an American Metal Roof it will become your heart’s desire.  Its beautiful, it never fades, and it adds value, grace and style to your home.  On the other hand, an asphalt roof sheds granules into your gutters, grows mold and harbors mildew; it fades, curls and ends up in a landfill in about 11 years.

While your mind may tell you an asphalt roof is a good buy, remember that an American Metal Roof pays you to own it.  You get energy savings and tax credits, interest deductions and increased home equity.


In the battle of the heart and mind, only an American Metal Roof conquers both sides!  Not only do you get beauty, grace and style for your home but a sound investment as well.

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