Planning for a Golden Home During Retirement

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Planning for a Golden Home During Retirement

Have you considered where you will spend your golden years?  Some  will retire to the sunshine belt while a growing number of retirees prefer to travel and use their home as a base camp. The Baby Boomer generation is now retiring. While they chose to move many times while climbing the ladder they are now wanting to nest. Familiarity is the number one reason why retirees tend to remain in their homes when they once thought they would sell and move to another area.  They know the area well and understand the community resources, know their neighbors, family is nearby, and they want to maintain “the stuff” they worked so hard to earn.


Retirement planning, for most of us, means financial planning — in other words, having enough money to maintain our standard of living when we retire. But equally important is planning for a home that’s been adapted for your convenience as you of get older. A home that has been remodeled to be worry free, like your portfolio, it should be in place by the time you retire. The modifications you’ll probably want will be less expensive if they’re part of a planned remodel than if they’re done on an emergency basis. It’s also easier to take on major projects at age 55 than 75.

When examining your home’s exterior take a good look at your roof. Chances are, if it is a 10 years old modern asphalt roof, it will need to be replaced in a couple of years. Knowing you want to stay in your home or that you will pass the home on to a family member is an excellent reason to look at permanent roofing. Many people are planning on replacing there roofs with a green alternative such as a metal roof (see photos). This is a great way to help the environment while lowering your utility bills and improving your quality of life.

As we start to see the signs of economic recovery it has become apparent that homeowners over 55 are investing in upgrades in their homes and giving priority to their needs, wants and personal comforts rather than thinking of resale value. By the way …isn’t that why you worked hard all your life?

Despite the economy, manufacturers of quality metal roofing products such as Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Piqua Ohio has found the interest in their maintenance free products at an all time high. They attribute this upswing in interest to homeowners wanting to invest their money in their current homes where it can provide comfort, beauty, energy efficiency and add home value.

We recommend that you take a few minutes to learn more about the benefits of investing in a metal roof or to recieve a free price quote.


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